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Ashley Engert ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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My Story

"What if I fall? Oh my darling, what if you fly!?"

My Scentsy journey began in February of 2013. My husband is a Marine & is stationed in Jacksonville, NC at Camp Lejeune. We had been here about a year when my neighbor first introduced me to a Scentsy bar. I began buying some for myself & I instantly fell in love. I am OBSESSED with anything that makes my home smell amazing - because lets face it - the first thing someone notices when they walk into your home, is how it smells! Right away, I noticed a difference from store bought & Scentsy. & I was thrilled that I had found something safe to use in my home around my son & our pup (I was HORRIBLE at remembering to blow out candles. With Scentsy, I don't have to worry about that!!)

I signed up pretty soon after my first purchase. I figured, why not?! I am buying it, so I might as well get paid off what I'm buying. It was only a hobby for me ---- at first. Shortly after I joined, we found out I was pregnant with our second baby boy. I wasn't happy at my part time job, so I quit & decided to stay home with our oldest son because the little bit of extra income I was bringing in was enough for us to get by. Even then, it was still just a hobby. My first year with Scentsy was slooooow. I never expected much to come of my business. I was buying from myself & selling to a few customers & my family - & I was fine with that. THEN, our second baby was born!

That was when I really thought about making something of this business. In early 2014 I welcomed my first few team members, & that July I attended my first Scentsy Family Reunion in St. Louis, MO. & thats when I knew. There is NOTHING like a room full of Scentsy consultants - who share your passion for the company & our products. I knew I wanted to do this full time & one day make this my career.

I went home & my business TOOK OFF! I began to team build even more. People were hosting parties for me & I was selling MUCH more than I was when I first started. & it was FUN!!

May 2015 rolled around & Scentsy announced their summer incentive trip, an all expense paid cruise to Cozumel, Mexico. I knew I had to earn it!! My team & I worked like crazy & between May & July we grew from a team of 8 to a team of over 30 wonderful ladies. I. EARNED. IT. Never, ever in my life did I imagine when I first signed up that I would earn a free trip. BUT it got even better. In September of 2015, I promoted to DIRECTOR. I never pictured myself building a business, a team, or being any sort of leader - but thanks to Scentsy. I AM! That fall, they announced their next incentive trip, to Disney World & in January 2016 - I earned that trip!!!

Let me tell you, I am BLESSED! I wouldn't be where I am today without my Scentsy team - & they aren't just team members, they are my friends & family. We support & uplift each other. We cheer each other on - & THAT is what Scentsy is all about for me. I'm not a sales person. I am a girl who LOVES to share a product that she believes in, with EVERYONE she can. Scentsy sells itself. & the best part is, my journey is only beginning. So, whether I am helping you get your Scentsy fix, or you are joining me & starting your own Scentsy journey - THANK YOU!! for supporting my small business.

Awards & Promotions earned:
Shooting Star
Certified Consultant
Lead Consultant
Shooting Star Trainer
Star Consultant
Monthly Sales Award
Superstar Consultant
Annual Sales Award 2021

Places I have traveled to, thanks to Scentsy:
St Louis, MO - Scentsy Family Reunion 2014
Fayetteville, NC - Spring Sprint 2015
Cozumel, Mexico - Incentive Cruise January 2016
Raleigh, NC - World Tour February 2016
Boise, Idaho - Director Boot Camp at Home Office April 2016
Walt Disney World, FL - Incentive Trip June 2016
Nashville, TN - Scentsy Family Reunion 2016
Raleigh, NC - World Premiere January 2017
Charlotte, NC - World Tour February 2018
Anaheim, CA - Scentsy Family Reunion July 2018
Raleigh, NC - World Tour February 2019 & 2020
Walt Disney World, FL - Incentive Trip June 2021
Charlotte, NC - Scentsy Family Reunion 2023

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